Darwin's Finches Take Us Down "Highway 787" (premiere)

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Texas outfit with penchant for science and confrontational rock preps new album, Good Morning Creatures II.

Darwin's Finches is based in Galveston, Texas. The group formed there around a biology class, eventually started frequenting biker bars and putting on live shows that were sometimes polarizing. Inspired by Camper Van Beethoven, Butthole Surfers, Alice Donut, and the Frogs, Darwin's Finches is far from an ordinary band. (The mysterious Jandek is a friend and fan too.)

You can hear some of that extraordinariness on the "Highway 787" from the upcoming album Good Morning Creatures II, available December 14 via Artificial Head Records & Tapes (AHRT).

The band's freewheeling spirit is evident on this track, a kind of collision between Hawkwind at its most hyped, the aforementioned Butthole Surfers at their most acidic with little doses of Krautrock thrown in for good measure. All that with a punk attitude that swoops and swarms around the listener, creating deep, driving excitement.

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