Photo: Tanner Deutsch / Courtesy of WMA

DASHA’s “Nervous” Is a Sultry Anthem for Summer Flings (premiere)

DASHA creates magnetic R&B from the push-and-pull of sex with “Nervous”, premiering a day early on PopMatters.

There will come a day when a bedroom is safely a place for two again, and however distant that day might be, DASHA’s will be ready for it. The second single since releasing her debut EP, $hiny Things, “Nervous”, has all the right markers of a one-night-stand — magnetically charged synths, heart-palpitating bass, breathlessly swooning harmonies — that make sex seem like falling into someone else’s gravity. For the Californian R&B singer, that person seems to be some bad boy cliché, complete with a “white t-shirt” and “black tattoo. Whoever you lock the door with, though, DASHA’s knows the feeling all-too-well—one of luster, anxiety, ecstasy blurred into one—and the questions that linger after.

“‘Nervous’ is definitely the most vulnerable and personal song I’ve ever released,” DASHA’s said. “It’s absolutely terrifying singing about such a vulnerable situation. This song is about my first intimate experience. It’s about letting my guard down for the first time and letting someone know me better than I’ve ever let anyone. I was so in love and it was a really special experience. My main goal with my songs and songwriting is to relate to my supporters. I want my listeners to understand that I’m human and experience everything they do.”