David Berkeley - "Wishing Well" (video) (premiere)

Photo by Kerry Sherck

More than 900 watercolor paintings make up this wondrous new video.

Santa Fe, New Mexico singer-songwriter David Berkeley released his latest album Cardboard Boat back in September, and has followed that up with an absolutely beautiful animated video for the track "Wishing Well".

“Anne Beal is an incredible illustrator, painter and animator based in Chicago. She painted over 900 watercolor paintings to make this piece, playing with various symbolic images: water, wells, bridges, hands and the southwestern landscape where I'm based. The song ‘Wishing Well,’ from my album Cardboard Boat, pairs with the story ‘Building a Bridge', from my book The Free Brontosaurus. The main character in the story is reeling from a broken marriage and attempts to heal by going down to the water every day and watching the workers building this new bridge. Anne created a beautiful world, abstract and emotional yet with enough visual referents to tie the image world and the song perfectly together. It is fitting that Anne is also a dancer, for ultimately this piece feels like a dance in watercolor.”

Purchase Cardboard Boat and The Free Brontosaurus here. Cardboard Boat is also available via iTunes.

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