David Darrko Explores Frustrations of Anonymity With 'Suffer Suburbia' (EP stream)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Kinky Love member David Darrko turns up with a succinct and powerful collection of soulful numbers that spotlight his distinct voice.

David Darrko's new EP, Suffer Suburbia, arrives June 1. The four-song collection spotlights not only the Chicago's love of pop and soul but his considerable abilities as a vocalist whose pure emotions come to the fore on each of these songs, including the single "Black Denim" and the opening, "Edge", a song that thrives on subtle but dramatic stylistic turns while never losing its center. Known for his work with Kinky Love, Darrko doesn't disappoint fans of that outfit here while retaining his unique sensibilities and vision.

There are hints of Darrko's biography sprinkled throughout this material, including on the titular piece, which touches on the frustrations on a life spent in the shadow of endless cul-de-sacs and strip malls, the alienation of anonymity and modular homes. Darrko grew up in Chicago, later traveled to Los Angeles where he established himself in the fashion world before returning to his hometown. Though he's quick to point out that he hasn't necessarily settled down.

"As early as I can remember I've always wanted to escape something: My hometown, suburbia, school, reality, boredom", he notes. "My need for constant escapism is probably the reason I haven't lived anywhere for more than six months in years. There have been so many jobs and apartments and relationships that came and went along the way. I wrote the songs on this EP when I was finally able to sit down and reflect on what seemed like so many different lives. It took me awhile to realize that no matter where I escaped to, a part of me would always be in the place where I started. Suburbia is fascinating to me because there's a lot to be uncovered, unlike the city where I feel like everything is raw and exposed."

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Jedd Beaudoin
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