De La Noche's Troubled "Dreams" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Justin Mitchener and Taylor Bolding / Clarion Call Media

Members of the Rosebuds form De La Noche and their new single "Dreams" explores a long, dark night of the soul with a superb electropop musical counterpoint.

De La Noche brings together Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds) with longtime friends Robert Rogan and Brian Weeks (The Rosebuds). The trio issue their debut record Blue Days, Black Nights on 23 August. "Dreams" is a dark but danceable and deeply emotive tune that can be listened to any time but truly comes alive in the dark. It sounds absolutely contemporary without being trapped in the now, capable of transcending into future days or even nights. A welcome bit of deep-tinted pop to light our way.

Rogan says, "That song was written during the darkest period of my life. It was like someone muted the sun out just over top of me. Like, 'Fuck you, Robert.' The only time that was really bearable was when I was unconscious and dreaming. I hated waking up. The fact that the song sounds upbeat and optimistic is intentionally ironic. Which in turn actually turned the song into something more positive in the end. Maybe I was subconsciously telling myself to hold on? Actually now I look forward to getting up every day. I just went back to daydreaming now like I used to do before that long winter."

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Jedd Beaudoin

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