decker – “O.D.B.” (video) (Premiere)

Arizona singer-songwriter decker pays tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ol' Dirty Bastard with his latest tune, the charming desert gospel of "O.D.B".

Sedona, Arizona doesn’t sound like the kind of place where one would expect to find an homage to the Wu-Tang Clan. However, the singer-songwriter Brandon Decker, whose musical calling card is the all-lowercase decker, isn’t exactly keen on fitting into basic expectations. On his newest LP, Patsy, decker pays homage to the late Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ol’ Dirty Bastard with the tune “O.D.B”, the video of which you can exclusively watch below. In the video, decker and a choir decked out in red sing ebullient harmonies in the desert, line dance, and circle around in the woods. As a tribute to ODB’s spirit, it’s definitely an atypical one, but it’s also charmingly and uniquely decker, straight from the heart.

decker tells PopMatters about the video, “The song itself is meant to be this kind of playful ‘F you’ to the backbiters of the world. So, we wanted the video to be this tongue in cheek, light and fun thing while also being this cinematic and warm kind of display of Northern Arizona. Being named in honor of ODB, it was a pleasing serendipity when we found the quote from him at the beginning, as it’s so applicable to the aim of both the song and the video.”

The opening quotation decker mentioned reads as follows: “…nothing is paid a mind to, really, on this earth. It’s just living and dying. The world is a big ball of fire and it’s burning with no feeling.”

Patsy is out on 17 February. You can pre-order the album, along with a host of other additional album complements, at PledgeMusic.