On "The Matador", decker. Powers Through the Darkness (premiere)

Photo: Jake Green

With his unique brand of desert folk, Sedona-based decker. shines with his soaring new single, "The Matador".

It doesn't take too long to recognize that the swirling psychedelic soundscapes that Brandon Decker paints with his music pull inspiration from his Sedona home. "The Matador", for instance, from his upcoming album Born to Wake Up, carries a cosmic spirituality in its composition that feels unmistakably like the vast, mystic mountain ranges of northern Arizona.

As it turns out, when developing the songs for Born to Wake Up, decker. did, in fact, turn to the land that made him for guidance. Meditatively, he tapped into the inner spirit of Sedona's sweeping red rock canyons, experiencing a rich range of emotions as he reflected on both great loss and great gains in the loss of his grandmother and the birth of his son. It's decker.'s most sincere album to date, and "The Matador" encompasses this by detailing feelings of gloom and uncertainty that he pushes through amidst a soaring ebb and flow.

Musically, decker.'s latest follows these themes well, featuring punchy verses that detail his inner debates in vivid detail. The sheer emotional dilemma encapsulated in this song is palpable from the get-go. As its brooding builds into a radiant, soaring finale, it really comes into its own as a fulfilling, well-rounded story communicated through lush folk-rock that leaves an impression that lasts long after it's over.

Born to Wake Up releases on 14 September via Royal Potato Family.

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