Decorations - "Promise" (audio) (premiere)

Decorations' first single "Promise", off new debut album, is new wavey, hook-filled pop that harken back to the slightly punky, British guitar pop of the early '80s

Los Angeles pop group Decorations is fronted by Devon Geyer, a Berklee College of Music graduate, who headed back to LA after school and found himself without music gigs and without his girlfriend. It's a sad state of affairs that most of us can relate to, but Geyer decided to apply his heartache to creative endeavors as inspiration to make these issues universal in song. “I saw all of my friends going through the same things at different times,” Geyer says. “So, I wanted to strip away the personal nature of the inspiration. I didn’t want to write specifically about my ex-girlfriend; I wanted to write about everybody’s ex.”

So Geyer set to work under the moniker Decorations and released a 2015 EP with Frenchkiss Records called Girls. At the same time, he finished up his debut album, Have Fun, which he produced and wrote and also played all of the instruments. The result, as we can see in the first single "Promise" is new wavey, hook-filled pop that harken back to the slightly punky, British guitar pop of the early '80s, including the Undertones, Elvis Costello and even the Buzzcocks. It's a timeless pop sound and Decorations performs it with complete confidence and superb musicianship. "Promise" is a short, sweet and addictive earworm that's instantly memorable.

Geyer says of "Promises" that "there's a promise that's made when you reach peak anger in an argument with the person you love; to step back, recollect, and be a better person. But do these moments make you a better person? Do they have an equalizing effect? Or is this a promise to hide your true self? It's a different question in every relationship that stems from the same notion 'did i mess up or was i trying to mess this up?' We can all be such hypocrites in the name of love, but love doesn’t rely on logical continuity anyway, so screw it."

Decorations' Have Fun releases 10 June 2016 via Frenchkiss Records.

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