Deepend Teams Up with Hanne Mjøen on New Dance Single, "One Thing Left to Do" (premiere)

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Dutch DJ Deepend and Hanne Mjøen pull off a classic club tune with a pumping pop heart in "One Thing Left to Do" that should light up dancefloors throughout 2019.

Dutch deep house DJ Deepend team ups with Norwegian pop songstress Hanne Mjøen on the stellar electropop single, "One Thing Left to Do". The track sees the hugely gifted yet diverse artists finding common ground as they fuse their talents together to fashion something fit for the club and the radio.

As you'd expect from a producer that has ignited dancefloors all over Europe, Deepend layers sounds with surgical precision, weaving in guitar, house beats, and gleaming pop synths to create the perfect club-ready bed for Mjøen's pop vocals. With Deepend working his magic, to craft a carefree, dancefloor-ready vibe, it's left to Mjøen to inhabit the song and make it her own. That she does, as she hangs her smooth pop melodies from the memorable dance hooks left by Deepend.

Together, they pull of a classic club tune with a pumping pop heart that should light up dancefloors throughout 2019.

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