Deidre McCalla
Photo: Irene Young / Courtesy of EFS Publicity

Deidre McCalla’s “Nothing to Prove” Is a Healing Folk Spiritual (premiere)

Folk singer-songwriter Deidre McCalla premieres the lyric video to her healing folk spiritual, “Nothing to Prove”, wherein she ruminates on self-care.

Folk singer-songwriter Deidre McCalla ruminates on self-care in her healing tune, “Nothing to Prove”. The single is cut from McCalla’s new album, Endless Grace, released this May to critical acclaim and appearances on the folk charts. The song fits neatly into the overarching themes of the record, wherein McCalla sinks her feet into the earth and confidently claims her place. McCalla’s message of perseverance is broad-spanning and affirms her role in the world as an empowering songwriter of almost 50 years—as well as a Black woman, mother, lesbian, and feminist.

The single’s accompanying lyric video is akin to McCalla’s songwriting portfolio—simple and moving. Featuring imagery relative to each line presented, it establishes the song further as a heartwarming folk spiritual.

McCalla says, “Some things can’t be fixed. As human beings, it’s sometimes hard to accept that, especially when it comes to relationships. We keep doggedly trying even as every attempt drains our life force. Eventually, we come to realize the only thing we have the power to save is ourselves. It’s the interpersonal take on ‘be the change you want to see’. There’s nothing left to prove; it’s time to let go. I think the images Jud, Kari, and I chose for this lyric video really hold space for a long breath of resolution and self-acceptance.”