Delush Reminds Us to Appreciate the Good Times on "The Greatest Gift" (premiere)

Photo: Mark William Logan

Joined by soul singer Tolü Makay, delush's latest track, "The Greatest Gift", is a tender and emotional reminder of the importance of self-worth.

In life, there are those rare moments when all the pieces seem to fit. Those all too brief occasions when all life's anxieties and woes seem to melt away, leaving a sense of satisfaction, a sense of a well-earned, victory finally won. It's vital to remember these moments, however fleeting, and capture them like photographs to be looked at when the chaos and doubt return. This is the message that Irish musician and producer Enda Gallery is keen to convey on his latest release as delush.

Opening with a soft, steady stream of glistening piano notes, "The Greatest Gift" is a tender and emotional ballad. Gallery is joined by Afro-Irish soul singer Tolü Makay whose wonderfully evocative, distinctive vocals are perfectly framed by Gallery's minimal production. When they come, Gallery's vocals serve as the perfect counterpoint to Makay's as his lines add a little more ballast, like sandbags that stop the whole thing floating off into the ether. With the addition of the African Gospel Choir of Dublin the song ends on a fittingly uplifting, spiritual note.

"The Greatest Gift" is a testament to the importance of self-worth as well as a reminder to hold onto the good times to help us get through the bad.

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