Deva Mahal Brings Some Heat and Soul to "Fire" (premiere)

Photo: Xavier De Nauw (Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan)

Deva Mahal forges a style that blends blues, soul, modern R&B, and gospel into a warm, inviting mix as one can hear on new single "Fire".

Deva Mahal comes by the blues natural as it's literally in her blood as the daughter of blues legend Taj Mahal. However, Deva Mahal takes the foundation and follows her own muse, forging a style for herself that blends blues, soul, modern R&B, and gospel into a warm, inviting mix. Mahal's eagerly awaited debut Run Deep releases 23 March via Motéma Music and was produced by Scott Jacoby (Vampire Weekend, José James, Coldplay).

"Every experience in life leaves a mark," says Mahal. "Evidence of its existence. Some experiences leave scars, deep grooves inside your very soul that never truly leave you. That is where Run Deep comes from. I never want to wade in the shallow places in life because it's easier, safer or more comfortable. My music speaks a lot about pain and heartache, but I dive into those feelings, submerge myself in them so I can work through them and get to the other side."

"Fire" is slow burning ballad infused with deep emotion that's about the end of a relationship. The song also highlights Mahal's gorgeous, powerful singing voice, a powerful instrument that could fill a stadium. Mahal adds, "This song came as a piano piece in my dreams. It speaks to a relationship that I was in where I ultimately had to make the impossible decision to end things. Sometimes you are no longer light and can drag really beautiful and amazing people down into the darkness that surrounds you. This a letter to a past love. A kind of apology."

Pre-order Run Deep now.

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