Devereaux - "List It" (video) (premiere)

The chillwave auteur returns with a video full of humor and social commentary.

We like Devereaux around these parts. He makes good chillwave music (we premiered the video for "Bikini" back in July) and he's a big fan of Rush's Signals album. This time around, though, he has a new video for the slinky "List It", whose commentary on equality between the sexes is a far cry from the sun-drenched bliss of "Bikini". We'll let him explain.

"My hope is that the viewer is forced to understand the legitimacy of the music's message even though it's aurally packaged inside a slightly jocular attitude," he says. "Me being me, it's almost impossible for me to do anything without some subtle wit. That's just who I am. I'm a joker.

"To that end, the 'banana reveal' is just that. You're definitely supposed to laugh right there; however, it serves as a visual Warhol homage but doubles as a conceptual dismantling. A complete disgust for the penis, rather than a celebration of it."

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