Devon Church Contemplates Love Lost, Resolution With "A Wave on Land" (premiere)

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Exitmusic man Devon Church issues his first solo album on 26 October, We Are Inextricable, and shares the haunting new song "A Wave on Land".

Devon Church (Exitmusic) offers up his solo debut, We Are Inextricable arrives October 26 via longtime label Felte. The release comes at the end of a period of personal upheaval, including the dissolution of a decade-long marriage and creative collaboration (both encapsulated in Exitmusic and chronicled in part on that project's acclaimed The Recognitions LP). With elements of Leonard Cohen, psychedelic minimalism and waves of haunting noise as well as soothing ambiance, Church stakes his claim as a solo entity.

"A Wave On Land" is a somber rumination on love lost and independence claimed or reclaimed with Church's deeply poetics musings leading the way. Unintentionally or not, it's a moment of uplift found deep in the throes of heartache, an anthem that whispers rather than shouts, a love song that acknowledges the emotion's various states and expressions without being heavy handed or resigned.


11.07 Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room Jack London +

11.08 Portland, OR @ Liquor Store +
11.10 Seattle, WA @ TBA
11.12 Eugene, OR @ Luckey's Club +
11.13 Modesto, CA @ The Shire +
11.14 San Jose, CA @ The Ritz +
11.17 Los Angeles, CA @ Pico Union Project ^
11.30 Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville +

+ w/ Public Memory
^ w/ Odonis Odonis, Ritual Howls, Public Memory, Sextile, Chasms + more

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