Dia - "Covered in Light" (video) (premiere)

The young LA artist heads to the Arizona desert in her beautiful new video.

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Danielle Birrittella, otherwise known as Dia, will soon be releasing her new EP with trendy LA indie label Manimal, but in the meantime she's put together a gorgeous video for the track "Covered in Light". And as you'll hear, the track is reminiscent of everything from Beach House, to Slowdive, to Julee Cruise.

"My dad actually had the idea for this video," she says. "I was visiting him in Sedona, Arizona where he knows a filmmaker, Renick Turley, who shoots insanely beautiful time lapse of the night sky there. I got together with him and we layered that footage with me wandering the canyon.

"'Covered In Light' is somewhere between a dream and a memory of a love, and how connections are vast beyond the present, beyond the body. The different levels of color saturation are that experience being lit up and then alone again."

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