Photo: Bob Bayne

Dirty Streets Eschews Complications, Gets to the Heart With “Distractions” (premiere)

Memphis trio Dirty Streets highlight their gritty and heartfelt brand of rock 'n' roll on the new single "Distractions".

Memphis’ Dirty Streets have sharpened their sound to sharp edge through years of touring and honing their craft in the studio. Now, with the band’s fifth LP, Distractions, the trio delivers a powerhouse blast of songs that range from soul to psychedelic rock. New single “Distractions” exemplifies the Dirty Streets’ gritty and heartfelt brand of rock ‘n’ roll. Somewhere between the workmanlike rock of Grand Funk Railroad and Clutch or the high stardom of the late Tommy Bolin likes this outfit. For those concerned that rock ‘n’ roll has become too quantized, freeze dried, or other things that have zees in them, Dirty Streets is very much the band you’re looking for.

Frontman Justin Toland says, “We shot the video in the same studio as our video for ‘The Sound’ almost like a series. However, the feel of this song was so different that it called for a completely different style of directing. The result was a video that really did a great job of capturing the ferocity we felt when recording the song.”

The group recorded Distractions at the historic Sam Phillips Recording Studios in Memphis while drawing on a range of influences from Jimi Hendrix to Donovan. The band tracked live in the studio by Matt Qualls and Wesley Graham.


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