DJ Chillz Pulls You onto the Dancefloor on "1111 Accord" (premiere)

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With its punchy beats and electrifying groove, DJ Chillz makes "1111 Accord" sound so effortless.

Nigerian born, London based artist DJ Chillz returns with her brand new single "1111 Accord". Ingrained with warmth and passion while displaying an impressive command of the music that defines her, previous singles "Cosmic Voyage" and "Lost Myself" showed her ability to mix energetic house beats, cool R&B and smooth neo-soul all sprinkled with a light layer of Afrobeat.

Built on buoyant, deep house synths and an Afrobeat rhythm, "1111 Accord" wastes no time in locking into step with its club-ready groove. While the previous single "Cosmic Voyage" dripped with neo-soul cool and "Lost Myself" was infused with more of classic R&B vibe, "1111 Accord" takes the listener straight to the middle of the dancefloor and keeps them there.

With its punchy beats and electrifying groove, Chillz makes the whole thing sound so effortless but stick a pin in anywhere and you'll find innovative use of percussion, classic house vocal loops and stunning synth lines that writhe, serpent-like, through the mix before slithering away. "1111 Accord" serves as yet one more compelling reason to immerse yourself in DJ Chillz's world.

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