Photo: Courtesy of Additive PR

Italian DJ Pagano Unveils Floor- Rumbling Dance Anthem “Latin Tales” (premiere)

Pagano's "Latin Tales" is the upbeat, sunshine-infused, groove-fest that we really need right now.

In anticipation of what promises to be a storming, genre-blurring set at his forthcoming Trade at Printworks show as part of Human Traffic’s lost weekend at the end of May, Italian producer and DJ, Pagano is releasing his latest dancefloor anthem in waiting, “Latin Tales”.

Opening with a shuffling tech-house beat and whirling electronics, it quickly locks into a floor-shaking groove. As wave after wave of synth chords splash over offbeat percussion and soulful vocal loops, the song quickly becomes a heady rush of pure dancefloor joy. With years of experience turning dancefloors into whirling masses of flailing limbs, Pagano understands just when to stem the tide, when to let things flow, and when to release a torrent of pumping beats and driving synths.

“Latin Tales” is the upbeat, sunshine infused, groove-fest that we really need right now.