Photo: Jay Hirano / Courtesy of Tru Thoughts

West London’s WheelUP Merges Broken Beat and Hip-Hop on “Stay For Long” (premiere)

West London producer WheelUP reached across the pond to Brint Story to bring some rapid-fire American hip-hop to his broken beat revival on "Stay For Long".

London’s WheelUP is a producer reviving the broken beat sound of the 1990s, blended with plenty of drum ‘n’ bass, and a modern sensibility. His new EP Wanezi (an ode this Zimbabwean spiritual homeland) is out tomorrow via Tru Thoughts, and it features “Stay For Long”, which blends his very West London sound with American hip-hop. Alabama’s Brint Story offers his fast flow with a set of rapid-fire lyrics detailing the horrors of Trump’s America that keep pace with the kinetic, slinky rhythms. It’s a powerful message combined with deep grooves

WheelUP says, “Stay For Long is my first vocal track and collaboration as WheelUP, I connected with Brint Story through my cousin in America when I was over there. We connected through music and created a good synergy. We fused our sounds of UK broken beat and US hip-hop and hopefully delivered a relevant message through the music.”