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New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund

Sarah Zupko

New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund

The holidays are virtually around the corner now and time is running out for those last minute shoppers among you. If you love music (which we assume you do as PopMatters readers) and have gifts left to buy for fellow music-lovers (or even yourself), we can think of nothing better than to recommend a donation to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund. Yes, more than a year after Katrina, there are still many musicians without instruments and the basics they need to practice their art. New Orleans is a national treasure. More original American musical art forms have been birthed inside the levees of the Crescent City than anywhere else in the US. Today's musicians work hard to maintain and build upon that tradition and they do, when they have the tools to do so. As the true culture hounds that you are, please donate on behalf of your loved ones during these holidays or head on over to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund's CafePress store to pick up t-shirts and more to show your support. [New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund | CafePress store]

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