Photo: Tim Slew @soundlapse

Do Ra Create Beautiful Indie Rock on “You Say” (premiere)

Do Ra back up their richly textured, thoughtful indie rock with a compellingly simple video for "You Say".

In the age of SoundCloud uploading, Tik Tok superstars and Insta influencers, it would appear that there are more opportunities than ever to get yourself out there. But how do you actually get yourself heard? After the release of their debut EP, Gems, followed by the release of a staggering 19 songs in 19 weeks, Portland-Oregon indie duo, Do Ra, were left to ponder the same question. Cue a moment of inspiration from frontman Jeremy Hollen who set to work creating a succinct, viral video in an effort to get eyes and ears on their music. The result was the beautifully simple Dryer Jingle Counterpoint which became a minor viral hit and garnered the band some much-deserved attention. Now the band are doing their best to capitalise on the momentum with the release of their new single “You Say”.

Opening with ringing guitar notes, the richly textured, unhurried musical backing allows singer Jeremy Hollen’s voice to entwine around the music. It’s a song that gently draws you into the daily struggles of someone going through a difficult time. Giving the music plenty of space to breathe, the pair heighten the drama before the dam breaks, and tumbling piano notes spill over into plaintive strings.

As you’d expect from someone with a viral video hit under his belt, Hollens came up with an arresting idea for the video, as he explains. “When we recorded the four guitar parts that make up “You Say”, I pictured them unrolling through the city. A few weeks later, I still was, so I spent a very strange month lying on the floor surrounded by sharpies, rulers, and 400 feet of paper.”

With “You Say”, Do Ra‘s style of deeply confessional, thoughtful indie rock deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.