Doctrin - "Give Me Love" (video) (premiere)

The popular Australian artist sets her sights on America with her new video.

Already an established artist in Australia, Doctrin is set to push her stylish power pop in America with the release of the new EP The Deep on 15 January. The brainchild of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Dolly Denko, she also tries her hand at directing on her new video for "Give Me Love".

"Directing the video was a little challenging on set while also trying to act but I think we got the story across," she says. "I wrote this clip some time ago so seeing it come to life is a good feeling. It actually worked out to be much less serious and risqué than I had originally intended; somehow we found ourselves dealing with dark humour rather than crazy, off-beat sex scenes. Hanging out wearing lingerie in a neon drenched hotel room surrounded by a film crew, started off kind of awkward, but safe to say we're all buddies now."

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