Domo Genesis – “GO (GAS)” feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and Tyler, the Creator

A sloppy, drugged-out hip-hop bacchanalia, "Go (Gas)" is a no-frills collaboration between some of rap's heaviest hitters.

Pryor Stroud: A sloppy, drugged-out hip-hop bacchanalia, “Go (Gas)” is a no-frills collaboration between some of rap’s heaviest hitters: Domo Genesis, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Tyler, the Creator. The lyric travels over a ponderous guitar twang that seems to drift across a deserted roadway, and the laid-back, spare percussion gives each verse plenty of room to breathe. While there’s plenty of memorable wordplay here, the track itself feels like a fleeting indulgence — a chance for each artist to stretch out, unwind a bit, and try some rhymes they haven’t been able to fit anywhere else. [6/10]

Emmanuel Elone: Domo seems to be gearing up for his highly anticipated debut album with “GO (GAS)”, quite a low-key song production wise. Since Tyler, the Creator is responsible for this beat, it’s no wonder that it has his moody, sinister atmosphere with rattling tambourines and hollow bass and drums. Tyler pulls off a decent hook, and Domo Genesis’ lyrical ability shines over such simple instrumentation. However, where this song truly loses me is with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. The former begins the track with some lame, overused lyrics about weed and drugs, while Juicy J finishes the song with a horrible verse that didn’t deserve to be recorded, let alone be put on an actual song. While Domo and Tyler are highlights, it’s the features that they picked that end up ruining “GO (GAS)”. [5/10]

Chris Ingalls: Parts of it are pretty high on the creep factor, and the rimshots and lo-fi Ennio Morricone riffs make for an interestingly unlikely combination, especially for an all-star hip-hop single. Killer rhymes, but the braggadocio wears thin after a while. [6/10]

Chad Miller: Pretty good for a weed anthem. The music is pretty interesting and it’s decently fitting for the subject matter. The lyrics are wholly unremarkable though. Weed, alcohol, money, girls you call “bitches”, etc. Nothing very interesting here. [6/10]

Domo Genesis’ new album Genesis releases March 25th.

SCORE: 5.75

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