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Wassily Kandinsky / Squares with Concentric Circles (1913) (Public Domain / Wikipedia)

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Since 1999, PopMatters’ talented staff has been publishing smart entertaining articles on a wide range of topics in pop culture, providing a refuge from the usual hype and gossip. We do this, on a shoe-string budget, thanks to our talented, educated, culturally-engaged contributors and the support of our readers.

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Did you know…

  • PopMatters, est. October 1999 is one of the oldest websites that’s still active. We share the internet ethos of Timothy Berners-Lee and the DIY punk attitude of Joe Strummer. We’re quite unlike any other culture web-magazine. No wonder you’re drawn to PopMatters!
  • PopMatters is well-known for its intellectual brand of cultural criticism. Indeed, universities use our articles in their classrooms and publishers ask to include PopMatters’ articles in their anthologies.
  • PopMatters welcomes and encourages a variety of contributors throughout the world who meet our high publishing standards. Through the years, our writers experience real benefits from their association with this magazine.
  • PopMatters publishes for posterity. Our frequently-resourced articles are indexed in academic databases via ProQuest.
  • We appreciate reader feedback. Our readers continuously help to improve PopMatters’ online readability. Our readers are foremost in our minds as we strive to enhance the reading experience.
  • PopMatters is a women/lesbian/disabled-owned company. No rich daddy, if you will, no angel investors. It’s just us.

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— The Editors (Sarah Zupko and Karen Zarker)

To learn more about PopMatters’ founder, Sarah Zupko, read Barbara Flaska’s interview “Why Pop Matters…” from‘s archives.