Dori Freeman: Dori Freeman

On her debut, Freeman showcases authentic, wary Americana transcending her age.
Dori Freeman
Dori Freeman
Free Dirt

You wouldn’t be the only one to be surprised to hear that Dori Freeman’s self-titled album marks her first-ever full-length studio release. Her layered, world-worn vocals reflect an effort from a decades-long veteran of the industry, propagated thanks to their being a household name. At just 24 years old, however, the Virginia native joins fellow youngsters like Sarah Jarosz and Sierra Hull in the list of Americana-leaning artists that remain astoundingly complex for their age.

Unlike her aforementioned contemporaries, however, Freeman finds the majority of her strengths based in the relatable simplicity of traditional roots music. Her influences remain widespread, with the self-titled debut showcasing her knack for songwriting across country, folk, gospel, and doo-wop orientations. At the centermost point of the entire ensemble remains Freeman’s winning vocals, displaying an admiration for the authenticities of American roots music alongside her sweet, though circumspect, twang.

RATING 7 / 10