Stream Burnside Project's Unreleased Masterwork (Premiere)

Burnside Project were ahead of their time, mixing indie rock aesthetics with electronic wondermint. As part of Bar None's 30th anniversary, you can download their long-lost masterwork for free.

Burnside Project

Syntax & Semantics

Label: Bar None
Release Date: 2016-08-26

In celebration of Bar None Records' 30th anniversary, Burnside Project -- the electronics-indebted indie rock trio featuring Richard Jankovich, Gerald Hammill, and Paul Searing -- have decided to do something wholly unique: take the group's labored-over but never-released third album, Syntax and Semantics, and unleash it onto the world, starting with a two-week free download exclusive to PopMatters.

Casual observers may be familiar with "Cue the Pulse to Begin", a minor four-on-the-floor club hit that later became the theme song to the US version of Queer As Folk, and the album that it came from, 2003's The Networks, the Circuits, the Streams, the Harmonies, even got a nomination for the short-lived Shortlist Award, no less than Cameron Crowe ending up being the one who nominated the guys.

With a growing fan base and "Pulse" going big in Japan, the group, known for their dynamic instrumentation and quirky lyrics, began to work on a follow-up album, but ultimately shelved it (for more of the too-intriguing backstory, don't miss Richard Jankovich's interview with PopMatters). They released a perfectly fine follow-up disc later down the line (2005's perfectly passable The Finest Example Is You), but by then, the group knew they were done. The group each explored their passions, but kept coming back to their unreleased masterwork, tweaking it here and there in a purely casual fashion.

Now, at long last, it sees the light of day. To help celebrate, all three members sat down with PopMatters to go over what went in to each and every track. Dive in, friends, 'cos you don't want to miss a release quite like this.

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