Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame (new album / MP3)

Dr. Dog

Shame, Shame


Releasing: 6 April

Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog make their Anti- Records debut this April with a set of tunes focused on a couple of cheery topics like despair and doubt. Well, we are still recovering from the recession after all. Bassist Toby Leaman says of the album: “It’s hard when you spend half your time away from your friends and family to feel like you’re as connected as you could be to the people around you. I think that’s a lot of what this album is about. ‘I’m alone of my own making’ — that attitude. You see that all these people have lives and things go on and on, and if you’re in a band it’s pretty much static. ‘What are you going to do this year?’ ‘Well, I’m going to make an album, and I’m going to go on tour.’ That’s your life. You see your friends and you wonder how close you are to the people you feel close to, because maybe you haven’t seen them for months and months. I’m not complaining, because this is all we’ve ever wanted, but it’s a disorienting way to live.”


01 Stranger

02 Shadow People

03 Station

04 Unbearable Why

05 Where’d All The Time Go?

06 Later

07 I Only Wear Blue

08 Someday

09 Mirror, Mirror

10 Jackie Wants A Black Eye

11 Shame, Shame

Stranger [MP3]