Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Game

Finally, a video game adapted from another work that does justice to its source material. Okay, well, it isn’t really a game, but it looks like one.

Doctor Octoroc’s adaptation of Joss Wheedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog into an 8-bit video game is really only a video itself (but that’s okay, the “blog” was really just a video as well). Nevertheless, the “game” is a clever re-imagining of Wheedon’s successful experiment in transforming his televisual sensibilities into web video.

I really love the little details here that are so classic to the 8-bit “form,” like the terrible dialogue in the laundromat that leads Dr. Horrible to discover the motor that he needs to complete one of his experiments. Likewise the misspelling of words like “motor” and “indestructible,” which are so common to poorly translated 8-bit classics (though the Doctor claims that the misspelling of “motor” was an accident on his part, but he is now appreciative of the error for the aforementioned reason).

But sometimes one has to leave critique and analysis at the door and just enjoy a piece of good multimedia for what it is. So, while I could talk about some of the clever ways that the Doctor has combined Wheedon’s bildungsroman of a super villain with the quaint means of storytelling in retro gaming, I will simply leave you to bask in the delightfully awful glory of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Game.