Dr. Robert (The Blow Monkeys) - "A Bottomless Pit" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Michele Siedner

Prolific Blow Monkeys frontman Dr. Robert has a new solo record coming May 2nd and here's the first single.

Dr. Robert's day job is being the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with veteran new wave band the Blow Monkeys, but he's always made room for his solo work, having released nine solo albums to date. Now Robert is about to release his 10th record, Out There, on May 2nd via Fencat Records and we've got the video for the new single "A Bottomless Pit", which Dr. Robert says "was written about someone close to me. Musically I was trying to cross the spirit of Johnny Cash with Jacques Brel. I used local accordion player Jos Hawken plus saxophonist Joe Degado who busks locally in Granada. The video was shot by my wife Michele and edited by our Webmeister Julian. It was shot in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia" where Dr. Robert now resides.

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