Dream Koala - "Dimension Sleeper" (audio) (premiere)

The rising French-Brazilian artist returns with a stunning new track.

On the heels of his 2014 breakthrough Earth.Home.Destroyed, French/Brazilian artist Yndi Ferreira, best known as Dream Koala, is set to release his new EP Exodus on 4 December. His blend of electronic, R&B, and dreampop is something to behold, and the stunning new track "Dimension Sleeper is a perfect example.

"I think we all are fallen deities, like solitary stones drifting indefinitely in the interstellar void," he says. "However, we kept the vanity and the pretentiousness of our original form. We think technologies will give us back our original power but our existence is so fragile, so limited in time and space. We ignore what was before life and we’re afraid of what will be after death. We are surrounded by the nil. Art, I think, shall awaken the eternal part in our souls."

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