Drew Beskin Shares New Indie Pop with "Midnight Avenue Edge" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of artist

Athens, Georgia pop scene veteran Drew Beskin continues exploring his appealing brand of catchy indie pop on "Midnight Avenue Edge".

Drew Beskin's first solo record came out last year, but Beskin's been a mainstay of the Athens, Georgia indie pop scene for some time. Stints with District Attorneys, Party Dolls, and PURSES have matured and honed what, from the very start, seemed to be a natural knack for good hook and catchy melodies. It also seems like he's studio pals with every other Athens musician, so Nostalgia Porn (out October 19 on Laser Brains Records) seems like the next logical step in Beskin's development: assured; varied in sound and approach; and backed by musically sympathetic pals like producer David Barbe and bandmates/collaborators Jeremy Wheatley and Phillip Brantley. Early single "Midnight Avenue Edge" stands as a good example of the Beskin style, as it saunters in on tick-tock percussion and chiming guitar chords as Beskin sings from a place that seems to stand on the border of regret and moving on.


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