Dua Lipa Records MTV ‘Setlist’ Performance for Small, Rapturous Audience (Photos)

Up-and-coming UK-based pop star Dua Lipa blew the minds of her young fans at an intimate MTV special taping while on tour in the U.S. with Troye Sivan.

Although she hasn’t yet released a proper full-length album, Dua Lipa has with gotten a lot of buzz with her half-dozen or so singles. The young, rising singer-songwriter released a couple of exciting tracks this year that caught my ear, notably the powerful “Hotter than Hell” and the sassy, confident “Blow Your Mind”. Videos for both are below (she also recently collaborated with Sean Paul on his song “No Lie”) and based on these (and her live set), I’m eager to hear Lipa’s self-titled debut when it comes out early next year on Warner Bros. Records.

When Lipa was on tour in New York City this past week opening for Troye Sivan, she took one night to perform at the Iridium and record a live special for the MTV Setlist show (to be broadcast in January). In the small crowd were a lot of her fans — many of whom are social media mavens I heard. Exclusive photos from Dua Lipa’s Setlist performance are below.


Last Dance


Bad Together

Room for 2

Blow Your Mind

Want To

Thinking Bout You

New Love



Be the One

For Julian

Hotter Than Hell