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Dysrhythmia Reach Technical Ecstasy With ‘Terminal Threshold’ (album stream)

Twenty years into their career, instrumentally-driven trio Dysrhythmia still find new ways to surprise and astound listeners. Virtuosity isn't the only thing that matters here but it sure gives us a lot of marvel at on Terminal Threshold.

Dysrhythmia celebrate 20 years as a band with a brand-new record, Terminal Threshold, arriving 4 October via Translation Loss. It will also be available digitally directly from the band.

Though Dysrhythmia have been designated as a progressive metal outfit (with emphasis on the metal), that’s only part of the story. Witness guitarist Kevin Hufnagel’s virtuosic playing on this new effort, which finds him walking the fine line between classic ’80s thrash and the avant-garde across pieces such as “Nuclear Twilight”, “Power Symmetry”, and “Rule of the Mountain”.

Bassist Colin Marston and drummer Jeff Eber shine equally bright during pieces such as “Twin Stalkers”, one of several tunes here that reminds us that the terms “heavy” and “groove” are not mutually exclusive. Witness “Progressive Entrapment”, which honks and squonks like a war machine on the prowl, taking hairpin turns in mood and intensity. The song reminds us that Dysrhythmia aren’t just the best at what they do; they are the only band that can do exactly what they do.

Though it may seem hyperbolic to say or delusional to believe, this music sounds like it was meant for large rooms, with cymbals crashing, bass thrumming, guitars building inescapable, and deeply intriguing lines for listeners to gaze lovingly upon. In other words, this album demands to be played loud, with complete abandon and sans apology.

Hufnagel says, “The artwork, music, and song titles all hint at the inevitable annihilation of humanity. A constant state of panic, yet awe of the coming end. The album title Terminal Threshold is a psychological term referring to the point where stimulus is so strong our sensory reactors no longer detect the stimulus. Make of that what you will. Terry Grow did a perfect job capturing that in the artwork.”

If this is the music of said annihilation, then play on.


10/3 – Ottawa, ON – House of TARG

10/4 – Montreal, QC – Le Ritz (early show)

10/5 – Portland, ME – Geno’s

10/6 – Northampton, MA – 13th Floor*

10/7 – Boston, MA – Middle East

10/8 – New Haven, CT – The State House*

10/9 – Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus

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