East of Eli - "Glow" (audio) (premiere)

Encouraging alt-pop bursting with positivity made to inspire the next generation.

You could say that East of Eli is a family affair. Though fronted solely by Vancouver's own Nathan West, the musical project has since taken inspiration from both his wife and daughter.

The former of West's two heart and joys, actress Chyler Leigh, appeared on East of Eli's first single from off of his upcoming album, Lost Transmission. Now, his second single is an empowering anthem about believing in your ingenuity. West says that it's been made for his daughter.

"It’s an upbeat and heartfelt song that’s meant to remind all of us that our differences make us special because that’s what sets us apart from everyone else. It’s meant to encourage each and everyone that listens (including my daughter) to be proud of where you come from and who you’re becoming along the way so the world can see how radiant you truly are."


Sat., Sept. 30 - Fremont Country Club - Las Vegas, NV $10-15

Mon., Oct. 23 - Highline Ballroom - New York City, NY $15

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