Photo: Chelsea Rose / Courtesy of the artist

Indie Pop’s Easy Love Charms With “Cool Type” (premiere)

Indie popper Easy Love previews her new LP Wander Feeler with "Cool Type's" shimmering pop perfection.

Wander Feeler
Easy Love
Loantaka Records
10 July 2020

Wander Feeler is the sophomore release from Justine Brown, who performs under the Easy Love moniker. Loantaka Records has slated the LP for release on 10 July with 12″ vinyl and download editions of the record. In anticipation of the record, Brown has issued a video for “Cool Type”, one of the most infectious and memorable tracks on an album teeming with infectious, highly memorable material.

At times reminiscent of the lo-fi/indie pop of Veruca Salt, Liz Phair, and That Dog, Brown establishes herself as a formidable voice in independent music, marrying heartfelt lyrics with a subtle dash of humor. “That’s the rocking, banger song of the album,” she says, speaking from her home in Los Angeles. “It reminds me a lot of old Weezer, which I grew up listening to. There’s a nostalgic feeling there for me. We were really excited about it when we recorded it. Even now, it gives me the feels. It makes me ache with longing, when you have feelings for someone, you’ve lost them and can’t get them back.”

Recorded and mixed in one whirlwind week in 2019, Wander Feeler was engineered and Mixed by Eric Penna in Boston and highlights Brown’s attention to songwriting and promises to further establish her as an exhilarating new voice in independent music.