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Ed Vallance Soars in 'Midair' (album stream)

Ed Vallance and his band traverse the darker corners of indie folk with a captivating new album Midair.

As its title implies, Ed Vallance's brand new album glides smoothly into view with its ethereal take on indie folk. The London-born singer-songwriter and travel journalist's first LP since 2012, Midair, is an atmospheric wonderland of sound. Having been written on the rocky path towards both the Brexit referendum and U.S. presidential election, it also has its darker edges reflective that Vallance is not keen to shy away from. Holding down the fort alongside Vallance's spacey double-tracked guitars are Austrian drummer Hari Ganglberger and Japanese bassist Kato Hideki, inviting a warm air of worldly collaboration into view, as well.

All of these layers contribute to something that is, at its heart, achingly human. Vallance's songwriting adapts effortlessly around its subject matter, capable of being all at once morbid, sweet, and always from the heart. Yet, it never quite feels trite, and it always comes down smooth in regards to Vallance and his crew's overall delivery. This is helped in part by producer Mark Ephraim (Neko Case, Dead Meadow), who has had his part in composing the all-at-once spacial and all-too-real world within which Vallance and his songs dance.

Midair is set for release on 15 June on Proof. It is available now for pre-order via iTunes.

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