Photo: Jeff Harris / Courtesy of One in a Million Media

Eddy Lee Ryder Gets Lonely and Defiant with “Expected to Fly” (premiere)

Eddy Lee Ryder explores the loss of friendship and refusal to come of age, cloaked in the deeply dramatic and powerful song, "Expected to Fly".

Eddy Lee Ryder‘s new single, “Expected to Fly”, from the EP of the same name, is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks at her most dramatic and powerful. Like Kate Bush at the height of her powers, Ryder immerses in the world the characters she’s singing about, having us live in their skin and feel their feelings.

“‘Expected to Fly’ is a refusal to coming of age song,” the singer says. “It is about looking for freedom always met with darkness and loneliness and embracing the wandering and feeling crazy standing at the edge of a cliff. I first had the chorus, ‘With her arms in the wind she expected to fly’, and wondered how I could reach that place in life, and I wrote the verses to tell the story of how I got there. The story is about losing a friendship, which is sometimes harder than losing a romantic relationship and less often sung about.”