El Campo - "Skinny Kids" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Kaitlyn Grimsland

Emo/high lonesome country vocals with killer harmonies flow from this up-and-coming San Antonio alt-country band.

San Antonio, Texas' El Campo is an alt-country band that blends emo/high lonesome country vocals with killer harmonies, fast-flowing banjo rolls and a bit of steel guitar for good measure. The band formed in 2013, but they sound like they've been playing together for 10 years as they are a super tight and accomplished group of musicians. Jerid Reed Morris' vocals are superb and memorable, making for a great frontman.

El Campo is releasing a new 7-inch EP, "Skinny Kids/Sloe-Eyed", in January and heading out on a national tour in February. Based on the new song we premiere today, "Skinny Kids", El Campo should be facing full houses and a packed festival schedule come summer.

Morris tells us that "'Skinny Kids' was written in 2012 as an apology to my son and daughter for having spent several years pursuing an endeavor of increasingly diminishing returns. Nights away at shows, on tour, and in the studio usually meant it was easier to skip being there the next morning, too. It's so easy to misplace your priorities, especially when one thing, if it is to be done, demands your time and attention even though it offers little in return. Meanwhile, the other, more important thing is slipping away minute by minute. I feel fortunate to have evened out the balance more in their favor these days, but the regret you feel for the time that's already gone is hard to get over and even harder to explain when the time comes. And it definitely comes."

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