Eleanor Underhill Takes Us to the ‘Land of the Living’ (album stream)

Eleanor Underhill's Land of the Living is a diverse album drawing on folk, pop, R&B, and Americana. It's an emotionally powerful collection that inspires repeated listens.

Eleanor Underhill‘s Land of the Living arrives on 7 August. The Asheville, North Carolina singer-songwriter has delivered an expansive, LP that touches on familiar elements of Americana, pop, R&B and occasional psychedelic flourishes.

Though eclectic, the collection doesn’t suffer from overreach. Opener “Didn’t We Fun” finds touches of noisy, nearly avant-garde sounds comingling nicely with more straightforward troubadour sensibilities. “Gambling” is a sultry, soulful tune that is immediately engaging, spotlighting her prowess as a vocalist. Others, such as “Strange Chemistry” and the titular track are enchanting and powerful, completing an album that reveals its mysteries, slowly, patiently.

“On Land of the Living, she says, “I wanted the lyrics to be sincere, the beats to be fat, and the instrumentation to be lush and imaginative. Some of the songs I wrote almost ten years ago. Others were written during the recording process. It was a puzzle to marry it all together and bring it into the now, but it was a fun challenge. I hope people will find connections in these songs. Maybe they will express something that you are feeling, or maybe they will just make you want to bust a move. I love making music, and I can’t wait for people to hear this.”