Eliot Bronson Is "Good Enough" For Us With His New Music Video (premiere)

Photo: David Joseph

Americana singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson evokes a multitude of emotions in his story about love in its dying stages, and whether it can be salvaged.

Hot off the heels of his new album, James, Eliot Bronson is releasing a music video based around "Good Enough" from the LP. The song itself is a slow-burning and lushly produced Americana tune about a relationship in dire need of being salvaged. Its gentle sway and potent subject matter tug at the heartstrings once they fully culminate around the chorus, and all of the emotions evoked in the song are only multiplied by its accompanying video.

Bronson tells PopMatters about this song in a little Q&A...

What is the song "Good Enough" about? What prompted you to write it? What was the inspiration behind it?
It's a song about a relationship that's been slowly falling apart like an old house that no one is tending to. It isn't going to fix itself. And are we just going to watch as it collapses around us?

Who directed the video? Where did you shoot it?
Marshall Seese Jr. directed the video. He's also a singer-songwriter who plays under the name The Tin Man. We shot the video in the basement of a historic hotel, built in the 1920s, in downtown Atlanta GA. It was filmed gorilla-style. We had to climb over a railing in a stairwell to access an old doorway to the understructure of the building. It was like a secret portal back in time.

Whose idea was the video treatment?
I have to give Marshall full credit for the concept and execution of the video. He did a great job.

What do you hope that viewers take away from watching the video?
I just hope it makes people feel something. Shooting this video was pretty intense for me because the song is so personal. There's a particular kind of heartbreak in the song and in the video that I don't think there is a word for. There probably should be. I think that's part of what art does, gives expression to experiences that are universal and yet unspoken.

What is next for Eliot Bronson?
Well, I'm writing another album. It's the next chapter in this story. I'll let you guess what you think that might be. I will be touring in February, playing New York, Boston, Washington DC, and other mid-Atlantic cities, and in the spring I will hit the road with labelmate, Don Gallardo, for shows in the Midwest.

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