Elli Perry - "Smoking Gun" (video) (premiere)

Photo: K Phillips

Singer-songwriter Elli Perry tackles depression on her new single "Smoking Gun" with fight and verve.

Singer-songwriter Elli Perry was something of a road warrior in years past, touring incessantly, but following her marriage failing, Perry was burned out, exhausted and needed some fresh inspiration. She wound up carrying on her roaming ways through travel and living new places, such as Costa Rica and the French countryside. It was during that peripatetic period that Perry penned the songs that comprise her new album, Little Thieves, releasing 30 March. Her new single "Smoking Gun" is a powerful song that looks at the pain of depression but meets that pain with real fight and determination to overcome the disease's debilitating effects.

Perry says, "A lot of art about depression and mental illness has a tendency of showcasing only the darkness and weight of those afflicted, which can leave the audience uncomfortably bearing some of the emotional load. Since this song was written about a particularly painful moment in my personal battle with depression, I wanted to use the video as an opportunity to oppose and defy that pain -- with power, strength, and vibrancy. Joshua (Shoemaker) and I talked a lot about the complicated relationship that depressive people often have with their beds, and we thought that utilizing a mattress as our setting would be a minimalistic yet impactful way to symbolize the story we wanted to tell."


March 2 – Amarillo, TX – Hoot’s Pub

March 3 – Santa Fe, NM – The Bruger Stand at Burro Alley

March 4 – Taos, NM – Taos Ale House

March 11 – Los Angeles, CA – SoFar Sounds

March 12 – Hollywood, CA – Hotel Café

March 16 – San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah

March 21 – Fort Collins, CO – Surfside 7

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