Eloise Viola Isn't Hanging Around on "Wait in Line" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Sonnet Music

London's Eloise Viola condenses the core elements of a late summer dance anthem on new single "Wait in Line".

London-based singer, Eloise Viola serves further notice of her ability to write a slick, peppy pop banger on new single "Wait in Line".

On the follow up to her previous single, "Like the Summer", Viola keeps things simple, condensing the core elements of a late summer poppy dance anthem. Balancing nimble house beats and sunny, R&B synths, Viola skillfully plants the kind of persistent, radiant hook that rapidly takes root.

It's a fun yet sophisticated contemporary dance track that wears its gleaming pop heart on its sleeve. The kind of breezy, upbeat song that can add a little sunshine to the grayest of days. That's not to say that's all it is. The psychology graduate has spent much of her academic career considering the status and autonomy of women in modern society which she reflects upon in the lyrics. Coupled with the warm, casual beats and shiny pop hooks, the track offers a timely message about female independence as she explains:

"'Wait in Line' is a fun, dance track about refusing to be second best, saying what you want and not looking to somebody else to decide what happens to you. The video is about breaking out of historically typical 'female roles', and not waiting around for a man. Although it is a bit of fun and tongue in cheek, it's about releasing and embracing when you deserve better, and not being afraid to say what you want and how you want to be treated. I think that is really important."

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