Photo: Courtesy of Different Sauce PR

Pop/R&B’s Eloise Viola Serves Up a Gem with “What You Gunna Do” (premiere)

London alternative R&B artist Eloise Viola offers up another sleek, pop/R&B gem with an added sense of resilience. Hear her new single, "What You Gunna Do".

After condensing the core elements of a late summer dance anthem with previous single, “Wait in Line”, London based pop singer, Eloise Viola returns with her latest attempt at pure pop perfection. “What You Gunna Do” Is another sleek pop gem with an added sense of resilience.

The track has a distinctive Latin-vibe with layers of shuffling percussion, sunshine rhythms, and towering synths that give Viola‘s vocals the space to shine. Her voice is the star, taking center stage throughout. Showcasing her incredible vocal range, she propels each syllable with spine-tingling force as moves from soft moan to a full-on, soulful roar. Fittingly, the song is a defiant anthem that encourages everyone listening to show some love for number one, as she explains.

“‘What You Gunna Do’ is about loving yourself enough that you’re not prepared to compromise on how someone treats you. It’s about being done with being in relationships where you don’t feel you are totally yourself. You deserve to feel confident in being able to say that you only want to be with someone who is going to love every part of you! This song is about having that feeling and owning it.”