Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The Elwins Deliver Somber, Sobering Ballad With “Daughter Song” (premiere)

Canadian indie rockers, the Elwins return with a new LP this October and share "Daughter Song", a ballad that never takes the expected turns.

“Daughter Song” is the new single/video from the Elwins. The track appears on the outfit’s upcoming release, IV, releasing on 23 October. A haunting, heartfelt ballad, the song moves in unexpected ways, never falling for clichés; instead of building to a soaring climax that feels anthemic, the song comes to a conclusion that demands the listener meditate upon the lyrics, the music, the arrangement, long after the final notes have faded.

The band’s Francesco Figliomeni says, “This song was a bit of a trip for me. The lyrics and melody both came in one sitting. We decided pretty early on in the process that we wanted to have some sort of string arrangement for it. So we got in touch with the great Trey Pollard from Spacebomb Records whose work we have been fans of for a while now. In talking with him, it really felt like he knew what we were going for and funnily enough in his description of his arrangement he kind of summarized the song better than I had been able to: “the swimming feeling of getting lost thinking about the complexities of life”. We had recorded just the guitar and vocal at the same time, and everything else you hear is Trey and an amazing group of musicians in Richmond, Virginia. This song kind of fits into the (for lack of a better term) ‘softer side’ of the album, which I hope people vibe on.”