Emily Donohue Sets Forth on a Dream with "Palmer" (premiere)

Photo: Emily Donohue

Soulful singer-songwriter Emily Donohue explores gorgeous natural landscapes in the video accompanying her latest single, "Palmer".

Adventure is at the center of Emily Donohue's new single, "Palmer", even if it's a dream. The singer-songwriter says, "'Palmer' is about the universal drive toward adventure, self-discovery, and reinvention. The pang in the stomach we all get from time to time, telling us to push beyond our comfort zone. Palmer is a song about escaping oneself, to imagine the path not taken, and living that life, even if only in a daydream."

With the release of "Palmer", it becomes clear that Donohue has come far from her humble roots performing with a ukulele at open mics just three years ago. Since then, the Seattle-based artist has become a notable artist in her regional scene, with her whiskey-warm voice setting the foundation for her soul-heavy indie rock delivery. "Palmer" is a gorgeous composition that encapsulates all of these Donohue trademarks. Its accompanying music video is equally as grand, featuring several shots of Donohue exploring beautiful natural landscapes.

"Palmer" is from Donohue's upcoming LP, Melancholia, set to be released on 1 June via Refresh.

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