Emily Earle - "Red Rose" (audio) (premiere)

She might have a famous uncle, but Emily Earle will do things her own way, thank you very much.

Sure, it doesn't hurt to have an uncle as supremely talented like Steve Earle, but like her cousin Justin Townes Earle, Emily Earle is perfectly happy earning her stripes on her own, graduating from the Berklee School of Music and busking in the New York subway. Less rugged-sounding as her male relatives, Emily's approach is a warm blend of mainstream country and Americana, which comes out beautifully on "Red Rose" (CONNECT).

“I wrote this song for a dear friend," Earle tells PopMatters. "You're never ready to say goodbye to someone, but when the time comes, you have to tell yourself you're going to get through the day. This song is about getting through that day.”

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