Folk's Emily Mure Shares Her Take on Coldplay's "Yellow" (premiere)

Photo: Michael J Media

Inspired by a memorable night with her grandfather, indie folk artist Emily Mure puts her spin on Coldplay's "Yellow" ahead of the September release of her covers EP, Sad Songs and Waltzes.

Following the release of three consecutive albums of original folk music, New York's Emily Mure is taking a different turn with her upcoming EP, Sad Songs and Waltzes. Comprised of several cover songs that hold a particular meaning to her, each carefully curated track comes with an emotional resonance comparable to that of her original recordings and showcases the singer-songwriter's knack for interpreting material even when it isn't entirely her own. The latest single to drop from the 13 September release is Mure's take on Coldplay's "Yellow". With all of the inspiriting impact that the band's original arrangement conveyed, Mure's spin on the contemporary smash sees her warm vocals acclimating to a fluttery acoustic setup rather beautifully.

On choosing "Yellow" for Sad Songs and Waltzes, Mure says, "Coldplay's Parachutes came out the year I was in my first real relationship and around the time I was just starting to play guitar and write songs. I remember visiting my grandparents in Florida one time and listening to this album obsessively. My grandfather (musician Billy Mure) was always interested in what I was listening to. One night while driving back with him from one of his gigs, I handed him Parachutes, and he popped the CD into the car. I have this memory of listening to "Yellow" as a teenager in the back seat of my grandfather's car in Florida, looking out the window at a sky full of stars (which I didn't get to see too often growing up in NYC), and thinking of my first love, feeling convinced that this song was written for me and my boyfriend. I was really starting to realize how important music was to me and the power that it has to express universal emotions. I'll never forget that moment. Parachutes is still one of my favorite albums of all time."

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