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Enablers Serve Up Spoken Word Post-Punk Pleasure With “Bill, In Consideration” (premiere)

Veteran post-punk group Enablers are releasing their sixth album on 14 June amid the clanging clatter of the aggressive new track, "Bill, In Consideration".

Zones is the sixth studio full-length album from Enablers, the long-running San Francisco quartet. The record, which arrives on 14 June, is being issued through a trinity of labels: Germany’s Exile on Mainstream, UK-based Lancashire & Somerset, and US-based Broken Clover Records. The LP will see release on 14 June in a run of 1,000 copies on 180-gram black pure virgin vinyl with MP3 download card included. Preorders are now live via Exile on Mainstream in Germany and via Broken Clover Records in the U.S.

The outfit’s new video, “Bill, In Consideration” is a prime example of the group’s spoken word/post-punk poetry with flecks of jazz splattered across the sonic landscape like paint in Jackson Pollock’s studio. If the Fall’s Mark E. Smith had been raise on a steady diet of American horrors and grown up in the post-Vietnam era and rising tide of consumerism and commercialism, this may have been the result. Enablers’ music is not made for passive consumption and this tune bodes well for Zones, a record that seems guaranteed to grab us by our collectivize throats.


6/06/2019 TBA – Nantes, FR
6/07/2019 Mangeto – Bayonne, FR
6/08/2019 Galdako – Kaiola Festibala, ES
6/09/2019 Rio Pincon Sound – Don Benito, ES
6/11/2019 La Faena II – Madrid, ES
6/12/2019 Arrebato – Zaragoza, ES
6/13/2019 PTIG – Benicarlo, ES
6/14/2019 Bocca Nord – Barcelona, ES
6/15/2019 L’embobineuse – Marseille, FR
6/16/2019 Le Grattoir – Gerardemer, FR
6/17/2019 TBA – Thionville, FR.
6/19/2019 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, DE
6/20/2019 007 – Prague, CZ
6/21/2019 Soulkostel – Moravia, CZ
6/22/2019 Alchemia – Krakov, PL
6/23/2019 Zukunft – Berlin, DE
6/25/2019 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
6/27/2019 Kultura – Liège, BE
6/28/2019 OCCII – Amsterdam, NL
6/29/2019 Magasin 4 – Bruxelles, BE
7/03/2019 Kromme Haring – Utrecht, NL
7/04/2019 La Bulle Cafe – Lille, FR
7/05/2019 La Ferme Electrique – Paris, FR
7/06/2019 Electrowerkz – London, UK

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