Photo: Doron Gild (Mute Records)

Erasure – “World Be Gone (Boxed In Remix)” (premiere)

Legendary synthpoppers Erasure return with their second single from their latest album and a stunning remix.

Legendary synthpop duo Erasure returned with their 17th studio album this year and are showing no signs of slowing down as they continue to release compelling music year after year. Really anything synthpop god Vince Clarke does is worthy of notice and Andy Bell’s voice is as gorgeous and emotive as always.

World Be Gone is that album, and the title tune is a stunning ballad underpinned by delicate synth tones and warm washes of colorful sound. As the album’s second single, a new remix EP is coming out on July 28th called World Be Gone Remix EP.

On this Boxed In remix of “World Be Gone” the synths are bubblier, the tempo is sped up, and dreamy and ethereal effects are added. The result is magnificent as it’s an essentially a new tune and yet, sits perfectly next to the original song.

Listen up, original ’80s synthpop groups like Erasure and OMD are still teaching the electropop kids a few things.

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