From Red Dirty Country to Music City Erin O'Dowd Celebrates Roots Music With 'Old Town' (album stream)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Derrick Weber

Americana's artist Erin O'Dowd's rich musical upbringing is on display via her new album, Old Town.

Originally from the musically fertile Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Erin O' Dowd knows a thing or two about being more than a one trick pony. With her five-piece band in tow, O'Dowd brings together disparate streams of country, psych folk and other roots elements for her debut album, Old Town. Filled with songs that take listeners on unexpected routes, the LP reveals the artist's talents for capturing human beings at both their most vulnerable and best. A listen to heartbreaker/tearjerker material such as "Robin's Egg Blue" and "Forgiveness" reveals the former while her performances across these 10 tracks reveals the latter.

"Old Town is written from a deeply introspective place, and was inspired by the roller coaster of events of my life up until now," O'Dowd says. "That includes a lot of heartache, overcoming great personal obstacles, and reconciliation with my past and with my highest self. Putting this album out is a victory in itself, as I overcame a major life-threatening illness that put my career on hold for over a year, and went through the loss of my best friend and the loss of my first songwriting partner. Old Town explores the places I've been, celebrates victory over the darkness, and points me in the direction of where I'll go."


May 4 -- Nashville, TN -- Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge (Album Release Party)

May 10 + 11 -- Key West, FL -- Key West Songwriters Festival

May 17-20 -- Black Mountain, NC -- Southeast Regional Folk Alliance

May 26 -- Franklin, TN -- Cool Springs Galleria Live Music Series

May 30 -- Nashville, TN -- Crying Wolf

June 8 -- Houston, TX -- Truck Yard

June 9 -- Spicewood, TX -- Poodies Roadhouse

June 11 -- Dallas, TX -- Adair's Saloon

June 12 -- Tulsa, OK -- The Hunt Club

June 13 -- Eureka Springs, AR -- Chelsea's

June 14 -- Muskogee, OK -- Muskogee Country Club

June 16 -- Stillwater, OK -- Tombstone Saloon

June 27 -- San Francisco, CA -- The Lost Church

July 9 -- Stillwater, OK -- Modella Art Gallery

July 12 -- Okemah, OK -- WoodyFest

July 15 -- Nashville, TN -- The Local

July 26 -- Nashville, TN -- Bobby's Idle Hour

July 28 -- Nashville, TN -- Tennessee Brew Works

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Jedd Beaudoin

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